xyxyx may sound more like crazy chromosomes - but it is the latest German fashion shoe, that strives to design creative and modern women's shoes.The story of xyxyx begins, like many other stories, with a riddle. Mr. X, an industrious German shoemaker loved his work. Mr. X had a beautiful, kind and very fashion-conscious daughter. But his daughter could not find any shoes she liked. Mr. X faced his greatest challenge - designing a shoe for his beloved daughter. Thus the new shoe collection xyxyx came to exist. xyxyx is a shoe collection that understands craft and has a flair for trends. xyxyx is designed with great attention to detail - the customer can feel this too! xyxyx understands the needs of the trendy woman. The xyxyx shoes are made in Spain with whimsical details and high quality materials.xyxyx is a new brand that offers a wide range of styles for every taste. Be among the first to buy from the collection on Zalando! Thank you Mr. X! For questions about xyxyx, you are welcome to use our toll free service number at 0203 059 8139.