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SKIDOO - Ski jacket - black JACKY-D - Down jacket - taupe SPEEDFIT - Trousers - black out Fleece - mottled grey ACTIVE - Shorts - black solid GLACIAL III - Fleece jumper - sea salt/columbia grey INVOKE II - Snowboard jacket - black PREMISS - Ski jacket - white/oatmeal YUPIK - Fleece - white Undershirt - black STAR - Waterproof trousers - black out SNOWBIRD - Fleece jumper - grau DELIA - Down coat - silver STAND FOR II - Waterproof trousers - white ICEMANIA - Waterproof trousers - bluebird TANIA - Down coat - dark blue SNOWBIRD - Fleece jumper - peacoat TRIBE - Ski jacket - peacoat waterleaf SALCANTAY - Ski jacket - bluebell Tracksuit top - heritage heather TANAGA TECH - Fleece - pink intense SONIC - Ski jacket - navy FAST TREK II - Fleece - black TENUKI - Waterproof trousers - white FINESSE HYBRID - Ski jacket - cornstalk SPRITE - Sports bra - gritstone heather SKIDOO - Ski jacket - bright white BLESSED - Waterproof trousers - powder white W SWITCH - Waterproof trousers - glacier Waterproof trousers - argento melange JOURNEY - Snowboard jacket - gablas green EYELINE HYBRID - Ski jacket - dark olive PURIST - Waterproof trousers - black BACKYARD - Waterproof trousers - neon grapefruit HIKE + MID CREW - Sports socks - blizzard/white/oil TARJA - Ski jacket - red pop BASIC HALF-ZIP - Fleece jumper - jet black TANAGA TECH - Fleece - white SALCANTAY - Ski jacket - dark compass JACKY-D - Down jacket - BLACK PRECIP - Trousers - black VELOCA VIXEN - Waterproof trousers - punch pink JET SKI SOL - Snowboard jacket - ink blue YUPIK - Fleece - multicolour GLAD ZIP - Fleece jumper - galactic purple JOURNEY - Snowboard jacket - ink blue VELOCA VIXEN - Waterproof trousers - black CORAL - Snowboard jacket - fusion coral ALISSA - Trousers - black X-KINETIC FULL ZIP - Fleece - silver melee JETTY BLO - Ski jacket - neon grapefruit/cloud nine MATHILDE - Snowboard jacket - leafy green JASPER - Soft shell jacket - asphalte BASIC HALF-ZIP - Fleece jumper - mottled grey PISTE FULL ZIP - Fleece - ink blue OASIS - Sports shirt - black CASEY - Sweatshirt - BLACK PURIST TRI 2IN1 - Snowboard jacket - inau blue FUSE BRIGANDINE - Snowboard jacket - pink fuse CORAL - Ski jacket - ink blue

Once just the uniform for exercise, women's sports clothing has recently been propelled into the fashion spotlight. Whether you're a sports luxe goddess or you just want to look great at the gym, there has never been a better time to shop for sportswear.

Women's sports clothing for workouts

Long gone are the days of working out in an old t-shirt and leggings. With women's sports clothing, we can be stylish as we workout and empowered whilst doing so. Whether you're a weights girl or a cardio queen, you can add a touch of high fashion to your workout wardrobe. Channel this season's pattern trend and revamp your running tights with some patterned leggings. Match them with neon trainers and you'll have a gym outfit that'll take you further than your workouts. Introduce some nostalgia into your gym kit with retro logos and racer back vest tops. Or go for tennis skirts and running shorts to show off those gym-toned legs!

Women's sports clothing and high fashion

Even if you're not an avid workout fan, you can still take some style inspiration from women's sports clothing. Cropped t-shirts and high waisted trousers are simple sports luxe staples, but finish them off with a sporty bomber jacket for some London fashion infused chic. Mesh detailing and sheer panelling bring sportswear to elegant new heights. Look for leggings with cutouts or a vest top with gossamer panels if you want to transform your women's sports clothing to daywear. Trainers are having a fashion moment right now, pair yours with turn-up boyfriend jeans and an oversized t-shirt for an androgynous minimalist look.

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