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Grow Momentum

The end of Winter is nearly here, which means the need for momentum is high. A flowing, pleated skirt clings to the idea of Spring. For some edge, pair with a hoodie, trainers and leather jacket.

Easy like knitwear

Dress up or dress down this wardrobe must-have. The knitted maxi dress breathes casualness into your ‘workrobe’ and weekend-wear. Keep it solo to Sunday brunch and pair with a blazer to the office.

Form a line

It's not only on the sports field that we earn our (adidas) stripes. With sporty joggers, a sophisticated print blouse and a confident trench coat, we bring together the best classics of active and ready-to-wear, even after the workout.

Day into night

We take a hands-on mentality throughout the day - with a gin and tonic in one hand and a statement clutch in the other, all while looking the part but feeling as comfortable as if in pyjamas.

Give into it

Take the high road in high-waisted jeans, hoops and a silk blouse. The clean and playful designs elevate your look to a level of class and allure - an irresistible combination.

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Hey Day

Jana, Editorial: "With the first early bloomers, I feel the need to stroll through the streets with Jeanette Madsen-like wild flowers. Docs and a bomber jacket create the break in style. Add a playful maxi dress to arm me against the weather mood of spring.