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No matter how formal your outfit or how serious the occasion, you can keep your playful style by popping on some colourful undies from Unabux. Whatever you're after, from patterned socks to printed boxers, these lively bits and bobs are sure to shake up your underwear drawer.

Brighten up your life with Unabux

Hotchpotch pattern mixing, pencil-box colours and contrast waistbands pack Unabux's socks and pants with plenty of fun. And while they'll certainly add a quick pop of colour when you're loafing around with your shoes off, why wait for that? These are perfect for trying out the socks-and-sandals trend - just wear a pair under some block-heel sandals. For a cute, festival-inspired look, pull on a bright sundress with a logo tee over the top. Socks and sandals suit men, too. Just place underneath your favourite men's casual sandals before teaming with a pair of clashing board shorts. Slip a linen shirt on top for that perfect beers-by-a-Brazilian-beach attire.

Unabux: undies well worth showing off

Flashing your socks never seemed like such a good idea. Wear them over tights and under work heels to add a bit of fun to your 9-to-5 dressing. Combine them with a denim pinafore, a long-sleeved Breton tee and some patent shoes for a youthful look for your little cousin's birthday party. The colourful waistbands of Unabux's boxers are made for peeking out of the tops of trousers, making them a great choice for hip-hop-inspired outfits. A good pair of baggy jeans and some vintage trainers are essential, but you can mix up the look by swapping a big baseball tee for a slim-fit black shirt. Ideal for hip-hop themed nights at your local cocktail bar.

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