After growing up in Norway and becoming used to dealing with the distinct seasons there, Johan, founder of the brand, decided to create Swims footwear in order to protect your shoes in rainy weather. After living through many a downpour whilst studying in Manhattan not so many pairs of shoes survived the ordeal. This led Johan to create a range of footwear that would do a similar job to wellington boots but can be worn over a pair of regular shoes, allowing you to slip them on when the weather is bad and easily slip them back off once you arrive at your destination. Keep your feet warm and dry this winter with a great pair of Swims and keep your regular shoes looking gorgeous too!

Don't get wet feet - wear swims!

Swims will not only ensure that your regular shoes are kept nice and dry, but also shiny! Wearing a pair of Swims will shine your shoes whilst you wear them, so arriving at the office with clean and smart shoes won't be a problem, even if the weather is bad outside! Swims are now being sold online at, meaning that you can find a great pair of shoes or shoe covers to get you through the cold, wet winters! Browse the great range that is now available online and place your order with Zalando to receive free delivery! For more information about Swims or the great service that we offer, call our free hotline on 0203 059 8139 and a member of our team will be happy to help! Make sure wet and grubby looking shoes are a thing of the past with a pair of Swims to keep them covered up!