Heading outdoors can be a dangerous activity for fashion-lovers. When it rains, we often have to reach for clunky, dull but necessary items like raincoats or Wellington boots. But with the craze for gardening and the unpredictable climate in mind, designers like Bogs shoes have come up with a superbly crafted, light-hearted range of boots and sandals that outdoors lovers will find it hard to resist. Bogs shoes are masters at blending a sense of fun with the need to keep feet warm and dry. Their boots feature floral and garden motifs that will entice gardeners back down to the vegetable patch when the weather turns nasty. And with such delicate and beautiful decoration, Bogs shoes are also great festival wear for fashion-conscious girls and guys.

Bogs shoes don't let your fashion sense get bogged down

With so many of us now concerned about the planet and ecology, it is hard to find clothing that reflects our passion, but Bogs shoes have designed their boots with eco-conscious shoppers in mind. They have superbly practical shoes available, like their heel-length waterproof gardening sandals, which can easily be worn as casual shoes as well as in the garden. To the casual observer, their brightly coloured waterproof sandals can look just like elegant ladies' shoes, and would be a superb addition to any festival backpack. But Bogs shoes are also intensely practical. They are waterproof, durable and feature great additions like perfectly placed handles to assist in putting on and removing Wellington boots. So to avoid having to ruin your outfit this summer with bland boots, or for waterproof sandals that make walking in the rain a joy, Bogs shoes have come up with something ideal.

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