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    This brand's first shop was established in the Spanish seaside town of San Sebastian. Staying true to their roots, the chic designs found in the Loreak sale come with a laid-back beach spirit.

    Touting traditions with the Loreak sale

    Based as it is in the Basque country, where traditions are fiercely protected, it's no wonder this brand is influenced by local culture. Its photoshoots reflect the area's beauty, featuring ocean-inspired props like rowing oars and fish. Graphics are often taken from the surf culture that reigns in San Sebastian. The label has also been known to include traditional Basque weaving techniques in its pieces, alongside its own signature prints. Designs adorned with sailor stripes can be found throughout the sale by Loreak Mendian, ideal for creating simple - and great-value - nautical-themed outfits.

    The Loreak sale: swapping trends for timelessness

    This brand doesn't follow or set trends - it prefers to craft clothing you can wear from season to season. This makes picking up pieces from the sale by Loreak Mendian a smart investment. Pair a top featuring a beach-inspired graphic with above-the-knee board shorts to go strolling on the sand. The sleek jumper dresses in the Loreak outlet are classic enough for work - combine with pair of brogues for that finished look - but their lack of embellishment means they're low-key enough for dressing down with flip flops at the weekend.

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