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Dress up your device at a lower price with the Iphoria sale. Choose from elegant cases to match your look or opt for a striking design to stand out when it's selfie time. Who knows? It might even get you onto a street-style blog.

Jazz up your mobile with the Iphoria sale

While you have the luxury of a wardrobe of on-trend options, you poor phone is stuck with the same cover day in day out. To sort this situation, Iphoria has created a range of cases to make sure your high-tech accessorises are just as well dressed as you are. This sale by Iphoria is all about chic designs in candy-shop colours. Simple clip-on cases fit your device perfectly for much-needed protection from those accidental drops. And as the slim shapes don't add excess bulk, you can still slide your phone into the little pocket of your leather bag (and avoid having to hunt through your mass of essentials each time it rings).

Pick out your fave colour and pattern from the Iphoria sale

These cases are easy to pop on the back of your phone, making changing its look whenever you fancy as quick as can be. Designs with a feminine flair dominate the sale by Iphoria, with certain models featuring delicate blooms in a palette of warm tones and pastel shades. These cases are perfect for coordinating your tech with your outfit, especially if you pair one with an elegant floral dress or match it with a floral backpack. Some of the models can also be attached with a chain strap, so you can keep your phone even closer to hand. The only issue? You might need to make space in your bedroom for all your phone’s new looks from the Iphoria outlet.

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