While they might just look like regular activewear, it’s safe to say that these designs are far from ordinary. PYUA was the first functional apparel brand to sell outdoor clothing made from recycled or recyclable materials, and it prides itself on a reputation built around its environmentally friendly ethos.

PYUA: activewear crafted with a conscience

PYUA cares about the environment, so it ensures that its wares are kind to it too. It uses materials like recyclable polyester to ensure its pieces are as eco-friendly as possible. What’s more, all are produced in an energy-efficient and resource-efficient environment, and various fabric technologies are implemented into each garment to ensure high performance whatever the weather. Basically, the people behind PYUA are a pretty clever bunch. They have good taste, too, because their clothes are as cool as they are practical; try giving your gym clothes an upgrade with one of the brand’s vibrant sports vests, or chill out after your workout in a PYUA hoodie or windbreaker.

Ward off bad weather in PYUA outerwear

PYUA was founded in 2008, partly in reaction to the turbulent conditions that its founders regularly struggled with on the north coast of Germany. Because of this, one of the label’s specialities lies in producing sturdy outerwear that’ll ensure you're prepared to handle the worst of climates. As much as the great outdoors is, well, great, the conditions can be unpredictable at the best of times. If you’re often out and about exercising, you’ll appreciate the level of protection of a PYUA coat. Zip one up over your go-to base layer and you’ll be well prepared. These pieces are designed to be breathable and comfortable, wherever and however you choose to exercise, so pull on your trainers and get exploring.

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