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BRIGIDA - Rucksack - medium beige LOVE SIMPLY - Across body bag - black Handbag - damson RHEA - Rucksack - black MERCER BOX TRAVEL POUCH - Clutch - brown CAPRICCIO - Handbag - grey JET SET TRAVEL - Across body bag - soft pink NUMA - Across body bag - bright red CAPRICCIO - Handbag - salvia EMILY - Across body bag - burgundy JET SET TRAVEL - Across body bag - brown CAPRICCIO - Handbag - kaki JULIAN PEBBLED - Rucksack - black JET SET - Handbag - cement MERCER - Handbag - luggage Phone case - black JET SET ITEM SIGNATURE - Handbag - vanilla RHEA - Rucksack - damson FLEUR DE LIS - Across body bag - black HELYETTE - Handbag - noir KEY ITEM MINI - Rucksack - black CHELSEA - Handbag - black Handbag - black METROPOLIS - Across body bag - moonstone CINDY - Across body bag - black HAMILTON - Handbag - olive MISH - Across body bag - blue night HAYLEY - Handbag - brown/acorn Handbag - pivoine JET SET TRAVEL - Handbag - black CAPRICCIO - Handbag - creta Handbag - nero Across body bag - black olive Handbag - soft pink METROPOLIS - Across body bag - yellow AURANNE - Handbag - noir LOVE PEARL - Across body bag - bianco brill Handbag - nero JET SET TRAVEL - Across body bag - bright red DANIELA - Across body bag - aluminum Handbag - black JET SET TRAVEL - Handbag - brown Across body bag - tea MERCER - Handbag - olive Across body bag - cerise MERCER MD MESSENGER - Handbag - vanilla EDIE - Handbag - terracotta METROPOLIS - Handbag - gold/kaki KEY ITEM MINI - Rucksack - scarlet red MERCER - Handbag - luggage KELSEY - Across body bag - black WOVEN METAL RING - Across body bag - black METROPOLIS - Handbag - argilla EDIE - Handbag - dark blue POSTCARD - Clutch - black METALLIC EMBOSSED - Tote bag - silver Across body bag - nero HAMILTON - Handbag - black ABISSO - Clutch - black Across body bag - gold

From tiny works of art to practical essentials for daily life, designer women's bags come in styles you'll covet. Expect to see workday neutrals through to the brightest of hues in designs that cover totes to backpacks and clutches to make-up purses.

Covetable designer women's bags for elegant lifestyles

Bags have come a long way since the days of silk purses hidden under clothing, these days designer women's bags are meant to be admired, combining the role of statement accessory with carrying all we need for daily survival. Neutral handbags style with all outfits for seven days a week practicality, but nothing quite beats the pizazz of bags in cherry red, citrus yellow or the delicate femininity of pastel designs. No matter which colour you go for, its the little details of bag hardware such as trims and fringes that give them their personality. Play these up by matching bag hardware to jewellery and fringes to your designer shoes.

Designer women's bags - statement designs to fall in love with

Totes are great carry-alls for shopping trips into town. Match them to your trench coat or dress or be bold and wear patterns and print clashes that make your designer women's bags stand out. Make-up bags in sleek and quilted designs or quirky shapes are ideal for keeping track of small essentials inside your larger totes. Coordinate their colours or pick bright shades that are easy to spot. Designer clutch bags in funky shapes and lipstick colours add instant glamour to the simplest of black dresses and evening jumpsuits or wear your evening dresses with mini designer shoulder bags, leaving hands free to negotiate your cocktails and canapés.

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