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    Wear your salt-stained heart on your sleeve with handmade bracelets from Pig & Hen. Crafted using genuine ship rope and engineered to last, these authentic jewellery pieces come straight from historic Amsterdam.

    Dutch engineering with bracelets from Pig & Hen

    The jewellery maker Pig & Hen takes its inspiration from the early 1600s, when sailors would leave their homes and risk their lives on the ocean’s swell. Hardy seafarers would tattoo a pig and a hen onto their feet, with the belief that it would help them find dry land if their ship met with disaster. This legacy continues with Pig & Hen’s bracelets, which are designed to survive the odds and age with the wearer. Throw on your favourite design you’ll be ready to face whatever comes your way.

    Pig & Hen jewellery: for bold minds and adventurous spirits

    Each bracelet’s shackle is marked with the Pig & Hen logo, a subtle and understated detail. The rope itself is distinctive, with earthy tones and industrial hues. Its strong shape draws the eye and is broad enough to stand out on your wrist, while remaining both flexible and comfortable - this is a bracelet designed to be worn at all times. Naturally, these handcrafted pieces are durable and hard-wearing, made with an outdoor lifestyle in mind. Complete the devil-may-care look with a classic leather jacket, tough military boots and simple stone-washed jeans.

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