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From the trendy Portobello Road in London, Pepe Jeans is a chic brand with a flair for casual wear. Specialising in denim, Pepe Jeans has expanded their brand so it's ready to take on your entire wardrobe, with stylish pieces for men, women and children.

Staple denim and Pepe Jeans

If you're looking to stay cool while casual, Pepe Jeans is the brand to go to. Stock up on staple denim with their supreme section of jeans. Whether you like a skinny jean or a flare, you'll get a great fit and long lasting wear from Pepe Jeans. You'll find women's slim fit jeans from Pepe Jeans that'll match with anything from a chunky knit jumper and boots, to a crop top and heeled sandals. Men can also join the slim fit brigade; team your men's slim fit jeans from Pepe Jeans with worker boots and a t-shirt for a cool and understated look, or add a down jacket for some warmth when it's chilly.

Casual Pepe Jeans collections

Pepe Jeans is also the go-to brand for an array of other casual wardrobe staples. Choose a pair of Pepe Jeans pumps to keep your feet comfy on casual days, or look to Pepe's t-shirts for your everyday layers. Invest in some must-have leather to give your look a tough side. A Pepe Jeans leather jacket with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans is a simple look that'll never go out of style. You can also top up your accessories collection here, with everything from wallets and baseball caps, to handbags and scarfs, each with their own touch of Pepe style. Even kids can get a dose of the brand's cool vibe. Start their own collection with Pepe Jeans kids' t-shirts, jeans and jumpers.

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Show off your designer outfits with these iconic items from Pepe Jeans

Established in London in 1973, Pepe Jeans begun as a small market stool in the trendy Portobello Road Market. Founded by three brothers, Nitin, Milan and Arun Shah, they quickly expanded their single market stall into four larger stalls, earning a place at Kensington Market, a market synonymous with successful denim manufacturers. The brothers decided upon the brand name as they believed it was a simple word that was easy to write, giving us one of the world's most recognisable fashion logos. The brand has grown to become a market leader in the premium jeans sector, trading in 60 countries, with over 300 stores worldwide. Creating fresh and exciting designs, Pepe Jeans make fashion easy, from casual clothing, right through to premium style. are excited to include these cutting edge jeans in their store, so be sure to browse through the selection and treat yourself to a pair of jeans from these world renown designers.

Pepe Jeans, delivering high end fashion for over forty years

Since the brand begun in the 70's on the market streets of London, they have been committed to offering the very latest styles and designs, remaining at the pinnacle of cutting edge fashion throughout the decades. After initially only manufacturing Pepe Jeans men's jeans for the adult market, the company extended its lines into kidswear in 2002, their selection of Pepe Jeans kids shirts and tops has solidified their place in the kidswear market. Alongside this, the brand have developed a fresh, rock-tinged premium collection, showcasing daring and eye catching Pepe Jeans women's jumpers and cardigans. In 2007, the brand launched an exciting and vibrant Andy Warhol collection. More recently, the brand have opened up footwear and eyewear fashion lines, firmly making their mark on the style industry. This rapid advancement from the 70's through to the present day has made Pepe Jeans one of the most credible brands in the industry, delivering high quality goods for fashion savvy individuals.