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POST SLON - Slip-ons - white UA CLASSIC SLIP-ON - Trainers - black SUPERSTAR SLIPON - Slip-ons - footwear white Slip-ons - taupe IVAN - Slip-ons - toffee Smart slip-ons - black ARMAND - Trainers - navy ADRIAN - Slip-ons - black Slip-ons - black Slip-ons - elba coco black TOUCHE - Slip-ons - honey ARMAND - Trainers - white Smart slip-ons - dark blue Slip-ons - tan Trainers - navy/orange BERNINI - Slip-ons - tan BEETLE - Trainers - medium gray LA - Trainers - blue MOCASSIN FRAME ORB - Slip-ons - black Slip-ons - black Slip-ons - military JAUQUET - Slip-ons - navy Slip-ons - tan Smart slip-ons - tan ANDOVER - Trainers - sand Slip-ons - navy WEEJUN LANGLEY - Smart slip-ons - wine Slip-ons - black MARVIN 8 - Slip-ons - chestnut/pop blue/gold UOMO SYMBOL - Trainers - black POST_SLON_LTEL - Trainers - black Slip-ons - mushroom Smart slip-ons - tan Slip-ons - navy/dark avio Slip-ons - nero Smart slip-ons - tan DRESSAPP_MONK - Slip-ons - medium brown LA - Trainers - grau DYLAN - Trainers - nightshade Slip-ons - military olive JFWRUSH - Trainers - anthracite FREDERICIO - Smart slip-ons - schwarz VARDAH - Slip-ons - black Slip-ons - tan TONI - Smart slip-ons - wood Smart slip-ons - black Trainers - black Slip-ons - dark coffee/mud Trainers - black 1755 ANDREW CIPR - Smart slip-ons - makian tempesta ROVERE - Smart slip-ons - tan GOAT - Slip-ons - brown NEW LIFE - Smart slip-ons - black Slip-ons - stone BEETLE - Trainers - black SPORTS - Trainers - blue Trainers - white TILDEN FREE - Slip-ons - black ELASTIC - Slip-ons - black GILMAN STEP - Smart slip-ons - black

Step out in style with loafers for men - a shoe that's in limbo between being smart and casual. Whether it's a traditional sleek simple pair or more trend led woven leathers and contemporary coloured suedes, loafers for men are a shoe choice you need to add to your collection.

Look sharp in loafers for men

Change up your usual office look and give your suit a fashionable twist - wear loafers for men with trousers and a tweed jacket, for preppy college cool. Look out for those extra details on your loafers for men like tassels or trims for a wise fashion choice. Shiny patent leather loafers for men have a smarter edge, whilst suedes and softer canvas styles of the slip-on shoe seem more relaxed. Loafers make a great option for holidays and packing light - dress them up of an evening with a classic crisp shirt, and down during the day with cargo shorts and a polo top.

Smarten up with sophisticated loafers for men

Loafers for men are a great shoe for mixing together smart and casual pieces to create a look that sits somewhere inbetween - perfect for those occasions that are tricky to dress for. Wear brown loafers with men's slim fit jeans and men's linen shirts, for a softer take on smart. We love loafers for men for a quirkier wedding day shoe choice, for both groom and groomsmen. Wear blue suits with brown loafers and skinny ties, and for extra cool swagger add a pair of vintage sunnies.

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