Master & Dynamic menswear epitomises the brand's NYC roots with an urban colour palette and innovative technology. Mix sound and style with this sleek collection of earphones and music accessories.

Master & Dynamic menswear: enhance your everyday

Whether pumping out the tunes on a morning commute or whiling away a lazy Sunday listening to albums, headphones in this range of menswear from Master & Dynamic make sure the sound is crisp and your style is on point. The technology brand prides itself on blending fashion with function, and this dedication to design can be felt in its meticulous attention to detail. Leather straps, stainless steel accents and the latest audio advances lead the way. Slip a pair featuring snug earpieces and an adjustable headband from the men's Master & Dynamic collection into a sports bag to hear your fave tracks on the treadmill.

Master & Dynamic menswear: innovators of style and sound

Born and bred on the streets of NYC, menswear from Master & Dynamic has a distinctly urban feel. Deconstructed silhouettes and tough colours create a streetwear vibe that will blend effortlessly into your weekend wardrobe. Complement a busy lifestyle by choosing wireless headphones that allow for freedom of movement without compromising on sound. Oversized earpieces and bold steel contrasts make a masculine statement - simply style with black skinny jeans, a khaki bomber jacket and an extensive hip-hop playlist.

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