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THOMMER - Slim fit jeans - 0684i DISCOVER-UZ" F-DISCOVER MESSENGER - Across body bag - schwarz DISCOVER DISCOVER - Rucksack - blau S-NENTISH - High-top trainers - denim blau S-VIPE MID - High-top trainers - blau D-KRID MID - Boots - braun STEVEE SCARF - Scarf - blau SLEENKER 0685T - Jeans Skinny Fit - 0685t Bracelet - silver-coloured S-AGNES-PATCH SWEAT-SHIRT - Sweatshirt - 900 HARDKOR STEEL - Lace-up boots - dark brown SLEENKER - Slim fit jeans - 084ju LARKEE 0853P - Straight leg jeans - 0853p ZATINY KW - Bootcut jeans - blue denim THOMMER 084KW - Slim fit jeans - 084kw SLEENKER - Jeans Skinny Fit - 084gn THOMMER - Slim fit jeans - 084bu THOMMER - Slim fit jeans - 0860l LARKEE BEEX - Straight leg jeans - 084jj T-DIEGO-QD T-SHIRT - Print T-shirt - 81e S-JOE-RB SWEAT-SHIRT - Sweatshirt - 900 D-ARMYY - ANKLE BOOT - Lace-up boots - braun SLEENKER - Jeans Skinny Fit - 084gl DIEGO - Print T-shirt - 900 J-ARKELLS JACKET - Suit jacket - 81e L-MARTON JACKET - Leather jacket - 900 TEPPHAR - Jeans Skinny Fit - 0853r DISCOVER-UZ" F-DISCOVER MESSENGER - Across body bag - blau D-24X7 BOOT - Lace-up boots - oliv/schwarz S-SPAARK MID - High-top trainers - beige/neongelb CINDI HAT - Cap - olive ALUCY BRACELET 2 - Bracelet - weinrot T-DIEGO-QA - Print T-shirt - 900 LARKEE - Straight leg jeans - 084hn BACK-TO-U HIRESH S-WALLET - Wallet - braun A-NECK SUNRISE UP - Necklace - cashew S-SPAARK MID - High-top trainers - blau/neonorange EXPO-ZIP - High-top trainers - schwarz SPENDER-NE JOGGJEANS - Jeans Skinny Fit - 084gv D-STRING PLUS - High-top trainers - grau/blau CORTTRV - SNEAKERS - Trainers - black THOMMER - Slim fit jeans - 084gr ASANTY BRACELET - Bracelet - t2282 THAVAR - Slim fit jeans - 084ik S-SPAARK MID - High-top trainers - white UMLB-PETER TROUSERS - Pyjama bottoms - oliv EXPOSURE I - High-top trainers - indigo ZATINY - Bootcut jeans - 084hj LARKEE - Straight leg jeans - 084hv SLEENKER - Jeans Skinny Fit - 084hd EXPOSURE LOW I - Trainers - schwarz D-STRING PLUS - High-top trainers - schwarz UMBX-DAMIEN BOXER-SHORTS - Shorts - 02 BASKET BUTCH ZIPPY - Lace-up boots - T2184 L-HATER JACKET - Leather jacket - 900 EXPOSURE I - High-top trainers - denim blau UMTK-BALE TANK TOP - Undershirt - black STICKKER - Jeans Skinny Fit - 0684j B-LABB - BELT - Belt - schwarz TEPPHAR - Slim fit jeans - 084gi

The brainchild of Italian designer Renzo Rosso, Diesel was founded in 1978 and has swiftly become one of the top purveyors of high end denim for men and women alike. Diesel men's fashion encompasses a full range of quality lifestyle garments, including its popular line of sturdy jeans along with tops, underwear, knitwear, shoes, and accessories. The label is known for both its youthful energy and chic European tailoring, ensuring that Diesel for men provides a unique fashion aesthetic. You'll find Diesel men's fashion represented in over 80 countries today, including the innovative designs right here on Zalando. Browse the selection of Diesel for men to find standout pieces that fall in line with the brand's slogan, "For Successful Living."

Express yourself with Diesel men's fashion

The Diesel brand doesn't shy away from bold colours and patterns, so in addition to the classic blue jeans you'll find cosy jumpers and cotton briefs in every colour of the rainbow. Diesel men's fashion also includes denim and motorcycle jackets that give your wardrobe a bit of rock and roll edge. To this end, the brand often pairs with emerging musical artists, particularly through its Diesel U Music internet radio station and sponsored concerts. Yet at the same time you'll also find looks suitable for athletic events or lazy weekends. Pair slim graphic tees with bootcut jeans for a stylish casual look. Diesel for men also includes a line of footwear, including durable low and high-top trainers and slip-on shoes. With an emphasis put on both quality and eye-catching style, Diesel men's fashion provides the separates you need for an innovative look from head to toe.