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Those first few steps in a child's life are precious, and so are the shoes they take them in. Kids' crawlers & first walkers are there every step of the way! Coming in many adorable designs, kids' first walkers & crawlers keep tiny toes cosy whilst toddlers find their feet. You can choose from soft leather and wool kids' first walkers or sporty kids' crawlers for toddlers who are going places. Whether the little one in your life needs soft slipper kids' first walkers to keep their feet warm or sturdy kids' crawlers for mini adventures, there is a huge variety of colours and fun designs to adorn their small feet. With a large selection of kids' crawlers & first walkers from various fashion labels and children wear brands, there are plenty of charming baby shoes to choose from at Zalando.

Kids' crawlers & first walkers - for precious feet & first steps!

The collection consists of numerous comfy styles that are in perfect colour shades and materials ensuring that your little one is catered for in any social situation. Whether you need soft white leather for a wedding or a bright,colourful choice for a birthday party there is an assortment of kids' crawlers & first walkers for both boys and girls. The rainbow of colour shades ensures that you can find something special. Take your time to choose from this cute collection of kids' crawlers & first walkers and find the perfect pair at