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Bags and rucksacks for kids are absolutely vital, especially when it comes to going to school every morning. Packing up your sports kit or last night's homework and your books and pencil cases for the day becomes part of your kids' daily routine, and to make sure that they can carry everything safely, your children need a great quality children's bag or rucksack so that they can get all their things to school hassle free. From a cool over the shoulder messenger bag, to a more traditional backpack, kids' rucksacks and bags come in all shapes, sizes and designs. From plain coloured to brightly patterned, a rucksack or bag for kids can really be an expression of their personality, as well as a practical necessity. Try to find a kids' bag or rucksack with plenty of different compartments so that you can organise your kids' things more efficiently.

Kids' Bags & rucksacks - for school and beyond!

Kids' rucksacks and bags are incredibly useful, and investing in a good quality one will be safer for your child's back if they have to carry heavy loads. The online Zalando boutique offers a huge variety of styles for both girls and boys so that your loved ones can find exactly what they're looking for. Whether their dream bag is pink, feminine and small or big, green and colourful the collection has a variety of colour palettes so you can choose something that perfectly matches their developing personal style. Many of the kids' bags and rucksacks have quirky and on-trend designs and graphics for the new seasons. All of the collection has been carefully selected to provide the best quality fabrics so that your new accessory will be long-lasting, practical and durable. Find your next hold-all with the collection today at