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From the very beginning, the urban brand Homeboy pledged its allegiance to skaters and the street. It was in Germany in 1988 when founder Jürgen Wolf teamed up with professional skateboarding experts and the skater's bible, Titus Magazine, to build a brand that would represent the skater's way of life. Quickly establishing itself on the scene, Homeboy became the brand of choice not only with amateur street skaters but celebrity icons, cementing the labels status as THE brand for skate and street wear and shoes. Many years since its start up back in the 1980s, Homeboy gained a new lease of life in 2007 with the arrival of chief designer Holger Dahlen, who revamped the brand's logo as well as their collections to bring the fresh authentic edge that Homeboy is now known for.

Homeboy - neat and unruffled street style!

Today Homeboy defines itself and takes inspiration from with what's new and creative in the urban jungle, from music to sports to street artists. In creating their collections they focus on fusing cutting edge design with high quality materials that give you comfort and durability throughout your urban pursuits. Homeboy's trainers are designed to be perfect not only for skating but general leisure wear; high quality leather finishes and colours adding a touch of class to what is a self admitted down to earth brand. Browse the selection of Homeboy at Zalando and anything you order will be delivered directly to your door without you having to pay anything extra for delivery costs! What's more, Zalando offers a 100 day free return policy for fuss free shopping. If you have any queries about your order or any of our products just call our free and friendly hotline on 0203 059 8139 today. Homeboy at Zalando- just a few clicks away!