VERDY - Cowboy/Biker boots - vega/testa di moro BOMBER - Over-the-knee boots - zenia/targoff topo HARDY - Lace-up boots - targoff DRIVE - Cowboy/Biker boots - targoff gris COSMOS - Over-the-knee boots - lavado/amil/testa di moro/marron RENOIR - Boots - zenia black GREDO - Cowboy/Biker boots - zenia tobacco COSMOS - Over-the-knee boots - wonderfull black TRUMP - Trainers - quenia/asphalto/beige COOPER - Cowboy/Biker boots - targoff/noumerat/new stone/tobacco COMO - Wedge boots - black/ouro HARDY - Over-the-knee boots - gold/silver JOMAR - High-top trainers - honey GIN - Cowboy/Biker boots - camel GREDO - Lace-up boots - nut BROOKLYN - Over-the-knee boots - drill/zenia gris/asfalto TRUMP - Trainers - plus white BRAGA - High heeled ankle boots - black DRIVE - Cowboy/Biker boots - ink/boero CLASH - Ankle boots - tamponada NIRO - Boots - brown JOMAR - High-top trainers - elefante black THITA - Wedge boots - brown BRAGA - High heeled sandals - black GREDO - Lace-up boots - capucino MODIGLIANI - Lace-up boots - tobacco GREDO - Boots - ouro TRUMP - Trainers - branco GREDO - Cowboy/Biker boots - dye lavado DRIVE - Cowboy/Biker boots - vaqueta black JOMAR - High-top trainers - azul/beige royal TRULLI - Trainers - quartz/black FAME - Trainers - ink GIN - Ankle boots - white PARKER - Trainers - cosmos GREDO - Cowboy/Biker boots - stone HARDY - Cowboy/Biker boots - honey MODIGLIANI - Lace-up boots - beige SERPA - Boots - wax honey ALICE - High heeled boots - black CREPONA - Lace-up boots - noumerat tobacco RINA - Boots - black HARLEM - Boots - targoff TRUMP - Slip-ons - argento NIRO - Boots - noumerat/tobacco HARDY - Cowboy/Biker boots - encanastra/dream/nude GREDO - Cowboy/Biker boots - brown FAME - High-top trainers - white THITA - Wedge boots - black SARAH - Ankle boots - noumerat/testa di moro/new stone EVANS - Boots - serraje fat cuoio GREDO - Cowboy/Biker boots - maron THITA - Wedge boots - zeus black GREDO - Boots - black HARDY - Lace-up boots - targoff cotto COOPER - Lace-up boots - targoff/new stone COSMOS - High heeled ankle boots - black BOMBER - Lace-up boots - zenia/fango/gris GREDO - Cowboy/Biker boots - black JOMAR - High-top trainers - black

Felmini's bold shoes will be the first thing people notice about your outfit. The Portuguese company started off creating kids' footwear but soon started wondering why children should have all the fun. It took its creative skills into womenswear and now produces a range of high-quality designs for ladies.

There’s something unique about Felmini shoes

Felmini's footwear is classic in style, but look closer and you’ll see subtle nuances that showcase the brand's individuality. Lace-up boots are adorned with weaved detailing and contrasting buckles; high-top trainers come in bold prints with thick rubber soles or asymmetric zips; and Chelsea boots have been embossed or made to look artfully worn-in. Soften up an androgynous pair of shoes from the range with a chiffon midi dress for a balanced outfit. Show off ankle boots with cutoff jeans or let sparkle-adorned trainers be the main event by pairing with a simple pair of skinnies and a slogan T-shirt.

Felmini shoes are made to last

Created using high-quality leather and finished with hard-wearing soles, each design at Felmini is resilient. Even the most vigorous of stompers will find it hard to wear a pair of these out. Over-the-knee boots are crafted in slim shapes that offer a sleek fit, while sumptuous suede footwear comes distressed for a low-key urban look. Choose designs from Felmini featuring sturdy block heels for comfort, and wear with a biker-inspired leather jacket offset by floral trousers. We also love the pairs in the Felmini collection with delicate perforated patterns - perfect for creating a modern bohemian look. Slip these boots on with an off-the-shoulder crochet dress belted at the waist and top off your outfit with a fun fedora.

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