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In this hectic world, keep your basics simple with low-key designs from Bread & Boxers. There's nothing too fancy but everything you want: comfort, quality and great-fitting pieces.

Start your morning with a slice of Bread & Boxers

When it comes to your staple wardrobe pieces, and we’re talking day-in, day-out essentials here, Bread & Boxers has got you covered. Born from the idea that life shouldn’t be made more complicated by worrying about your basics, the brand began life in hotel rooms as the mini bar of wardrobes. Bread & Boxers stocked drawers with pairs of pants, as (next to your toothbrush) they’re probably the first thing you’ll reach for in the morning - and the garment you’re most likely to forget when you’re packing. The company keeps its designs simple so you can build your style and flaunt your personality through your outfit - whether that’s with a bold touch of animal-print fashion or a low-key classic Breton top.

Bread & Boxers: for staple basics and wardrobe favourites

Instead of designing seasonal collections and following trends, the Swedish label focuses on simplicity, comfort and durability. Each piece of underwear and loungewear is designed for everyday life - whether that’s a day spent at the office or lazing on the sofa. Boxers, T-shirts, bottoms and tank tops are crafted from rich organic cotton for a luxe feel. The brand’s low profile is embodied in its range of clean shapes and simple lines, offering form-fitting silhouettes that are supportive without restricting and sit smoothly under even the tightest of skinny jeans. There are no bright colours, prints or logos from this label, just monochrome shades. Because, as they see it, there’s nothing to shout about - it’s just your daily Bread & Boxers.

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