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BLANKET - Baby blanket - rain watchers apple RAGLAN + BEANIE SET - Baby gifts - pink BOY BLANKET APPAREL BABY - Baby blanket - beryl blue CORE BIBS GIRL MULTI DOT BABY 4 PACK - Other - ast ZGREEN BABY LEAF BLANKET - Baby blanket - navy HENLEY SET - Cuddly toy - beryl blue/multicolor SLEEPBAG WILDERNESS - Baby sleepsuits - ivy ivory BABY NEWBORN BOY GIRL TEDDY FAMILY - Baby blanket - cloud dancer white SLEEPBAG NEUTRAL SLEEVELESS HEDGEHOG HANGING BABY - Baby sleepsuits - heather ACORN SHAWL BABY - Baby blanket - white SLEEPBAG ANIMAL - Baby sleepsuits - ivy ivory SLEEPBAG PAW - Baby sleepsuits - blue BABY SLEEPBAG - Baby sleepsuits - rain birds white BABY NEWBORN BOY GIRL SPECIAL DAY - Baby blanket - softgrey melange SLEEPBAG DOT - Baby sleepsuits - turquoise NITYASIMFITTO SCARF BIB BABY 3 PACK - Other - dark blue COVERAL-APPAREL ACCESSORI SET - Cuddly toy - hint of pink BABY SET - Scarf - blue NITYVETTEFIRMA SCARF BIB BABY 3 PACK - Other - anemone ZGREEN BABY KUSCHELTUCH PINGUIN - Other - weiss Baby gifts - fuchsia rose CORE SWADDLE STRIPE PATTERN BABY 2 PACK - Baby blanket - blue CORE SWADDLE HEART PATTERN BABY 2 PACK - Baby blanket - pink TOG INSECTS BABY - Baby sleepsuits - blau NICKY BABY NEWBORNWINTER COLOR NICKY - Baby blanket - pink nectar rose Baby gifts - himmelblau BLANKET - Baby blanket - rain birds white NICKY BABY NEWBORNWINTER COLOR NICKY - Baby blanket - federal blue CORE SWADDLE NEUTRAL BABY 2 PACK - Baby blanket - heather BABY - Baby blanket - black stars Baby sleepsuits - rosa CORE BIBS MULTI STRIPE BABY 4 PACK - Other - ast ROLIE ROOMPER POODLE LEVIE BILLY HEADBAND SET - Baby gifts - dreamy pink /sky blue HANDKERCHIEF BIBS GIRL HEART BABY 3 PACK - Other - pink ZGREEN DECKE - Baby gifts - offwhite CORE NEUTRAL HAT BIBS BABY SET - Other - heather CORE GIRL HAT BIBS BABY SET - Other - pink HANDKERCHIEF BIBS NEUTRAL HEATHER BABY 3 PACK - Other - gray HANDKERCHIEF BIBS HEATHER BABY 3 PACK - Other - blue CORE HAT BIBS BABY SET - Other - blue Baby gifts - weiß Baby gifts - offwhite Baby sleepsuits - beige SLEEPBAG MULTI HEART PRINT - Baby sleepsuits - ivy ivory SLEEPBAG DOT MOUSE ART - Baby sleepsuits - purple NITUBBET TOP GIFTPACK SET - Hat - snow white 3 PACK - Baby gifts - blue LONGSLEEVE PAM MOLECULE HATTIE SET - Hat - saturn gold/saturn gold melee MEDIUM - Baby sleepsuits - neon pink MEDIUM - Baby sleepsuits - black PETIN - Baby sleepsuits - medium heather grey

What better way to celebrate the birth, christening or first steps of a young child than with one of our selection of baby gifts? When a friend or relative has a new child, you want to bring them something special. Yet sometimes finding the right baby gifts or presents can be a challenge. You want to find a babies' gift that the new child is going to enjoy, one that is going to last and one that might be useful or practical. Maybe you want to find a baby gift that they will be able to keep for many years, reminding them of their birthday, christening or early experiences with you all those years before. Luckily, at Zalando, we have a great range of babies' gifts for you to choose from, so you can find something to suit your needs and your taste!

Baby gifts - creating happy early memories!

From pretty pairs of babies' shoes to handkerchiefs to fun romper suits, you can be sure to find the perfect baby gift at Zalando. When you order your new babies' gift with us it can be delivered direct to your door, all ready to be taken along on your first visit to see a new child. What's more, when you buy babies' gifts on Zalando, you'll benefit from our free shipping and 100 day free delivery service, so make the most of it right away! If you have any more questions about baby gifts just give us a call on our free hotline 0203 059 8139 and our customer service team will be very happy to help you!